Friday, April 17, 2009

Tribal in the city

These colours and prints are fantastic, you can just feel the warmth, culture and beauty of Africa!

Imagine you are wearing all black or white or bege and you acessorize with these thick printed
tribal bracelets and a nice pair of sandals!! Watch out for this sexy chic tribal girl:)

As we all know and have seen in the lastest fashion magazines and runways, the new trend this spring/summer is going to Africa and bringing back some of the continents exotic and earthy-toned colours in to our wardrobe! I personaly love earthy-toned cloths, as if I wear in a Safari! I don't think one should over dress with these tribal acessories and cloths all at once. If you want to look fresh and in fashion just wear simple cloths, black or earthy-toned cloths and acessorize with tribal earings, belts, shoes, bags, necklaces, bracelets. Or if you have an animal print dress or a tribal dress focus on the dress and acessorize in an earthy tone. Be sure not to mix animal printed or tribal/etnicical printed cloths with tribal acessories or you will look funny and drive the attention all over the place and in the wrong direction. Be careful when you put on a tribal dress, because the prints can be often oversized and strong and may just not look right on you.
This Anna Sui tribal cotton dress is a great example of a tribal dress almost anyone can wear, of course with earthy-toned acessories:) It's soo sweet!

I'll be right back, I'm just going to buy me some tribal acessories and find me a dress just like this one!


voguemanie said...

that anna sui dress looks awesome

Pepa Xavier said...

I love soooo much this trend!

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