Friday, April 24, 2009


Fashion experts choose the hottest shoes for you every month based on your individual personality and tastes. The shoes we pick for you will express your individuality and sense of style. Distinctive, yet trend-right.

With ShoeDazzle you can have one pair of shoes per month for $39
How it works??
1st- take your fashion survey
2nd- the stylists pick 5 shoes 4 you, based on your survey results
3rd- choose the pair you want
& if you are unsatisfied with your shoes you can simply return them


by Kim Kardashian


Pepa Xavier said...

Que máximo! Vou-me inscrever!

Miss Trendy said...


this website is great! Great finding Miss Sales:)

They only thing I don't like about shoes is that they are sooo expensive and I tend to have very expensive taste:(That's the only problem I have with shoes, other than that I would wear a diferent pair every day if I could!

I'm going to register now:)

Kussi and Trends for you!

Le Must Have said...

Amazing choice!!!!

Meninas de Pantufa said...

estou fazendo o primeiro sorteio no meu blog! uma cesta com produtos da H2O cosméticos.. passa lá para participar!
ah e se puder divulgar em seu blog....


Papagaio Mudo said...

how much?


The Stiletto Effect said...


O meu Blogue “ The Stiletto Effect” e a CHANEL estão a OFERECER um verniz "Chanel Le Vernis # 479 Kaleidoscope (Edição Limitada)".
Sendo uma Edição Limitada esta cor já está esgotada, pelo que esta pode ser a tua única hipótese de conseguir um!

Para concorreres basta visitares o meu blogue


Susana R.

cartier said...

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Jack said...

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