Friday, April 17, 2009

Trendy Thanks

Thank you so much Miss Sales for inviting me to be a part of your blog! We will always have something to talk about! From celebrity gossip to helpful fashion tipps to our own personal trends...Let's get stared!


Miss Sales said...

Miss Trendy, it is so good to share it with you :)
Btw: we share everything.. don´t we??
Kiss Kiss &
*have fun shopping* my dear

Miss Trendy said...

Miss Sales, in fact we do tend to share alot of things and have very similar taste..but I belive you agree with me: we can share everything execpt for men and

Trends your way:)

Miss Sales said...

Lol, Miss Trendy, u´re right about one thing: do not share men ;) couz we used to share underwear, specially bras..
Big rule: we don´t share guys :P
*have fun shopping*