Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Poor & Skinny Lindsay

No no no... She looks horrible.. she may not have money to buy some food, but she does have it to buy clothes & coca-cola.. Remindes me once a programm that I saw about eating disorders.
Let me tell you smth girlfriend: u need to gain some weight.. u scare like hell..
Does she look pretty??
I dont think so.. her arms look more like fishermen sticks, her boobs are not boobs anymore, her pale skin.. gosh.. her sister is getting into the same way... Shame on u!!!


Miss Trendy said...

WOW, she looks horrible..too skinny. But on the other hand maybe she was having a bad hair day, bad dress day, very pale day and very grungy look day??lol..

you guys should take a look at her as the face of Fornarina, one of my favourite

check out the diference and she what photoshop can do to a person.


Pepa Xavier said...

it's painful even to watch!

Miss Trendy said...

lol..that;s funny Pepa:)

kiss kiss

Bridget-Jones said...

OH my good... its scary

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