Monday, March 23, 2009

Factory,a good Outlet

Factory is an outlet where you can find all the fashionable brands, with a discount since 30% up to 70%, such as Mango, Pepe Jeans, LA, Salsa, Calzedonia, Sacoor, CH, Quicksilver, Ana Sousa; Old Ridel, Prof (shoes store), Pierre Cardin, Divani&Divani, Caramelo, Cheyenne, Nike Factory Store, Purificacíon García, Intimissimi and so much more.
An advise: Mango outlet anda Zara outlet are a completelly disaster, couz you may find some real fashion clothes but also some of it not in really good conditions (some butons out, no zipps for e.g.).... it looks like a "street market" sometimes...but we just can handle it, just need to relax and get in again...
Must remind: Factory Outlet is in Vila do Conde, so a quite far for those who are bellow Aveiro, but it is worth it to go there ;)
BTW: you have some great beaches there too


au revoir Camille. said...

Desconhecia ;b Parece-me bastante interessante.

Miss Sales said...

Camille: vale a pena lá ir :)
Have fun shopping*

Pepa Xavier said...

Acho que o preço da deslocação cobre o desconto. Se ainda fosse um Outlet da vuitton, Balmain, Lanvin, chloé mas é um óptimo investimento pa quem mora aí perto!